SAS’s Jason Fox reveals new celebrity series is the toughest ever and the stars get a ‘beasting’


THE 16 famous faces taking part in the upcoming series of Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins get “beasted”, according to show star Jason Fox.

The former special forces operative, 46, is one of four directing staff on the hit reality programme who showed little mercy to the latest bunch of celebs as they tried to prove their mettle in northern Vietnam.

Jason Fox said the new Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins series is the hardest ever


Jason Fox said the new Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins series is the hardest everCredit: Channel 4
Jason's been enjoying some chocolate snacks after filming in Vietnam


Jason’s been enjoying some chocolate snacks after filming in VietnamCredit: Nestlé

Foxy claims the soon-to-air series is the hardest celebrity version yet and has promised some brand new challenges.

In an exclusive interview, he says: “There’s a lot of emotion. There’s a lot of surprises. They all get beasted. They all find it hard, but I would go as far to say this is the hardest celebrity [series], and you’ll see why once it starts.

“There’s some tasks that weren’t in the recent civilian one that just went out. It’s the same location, Vietnam, but there’s some even newer tasks that haven’t been seen yet, so it will be a surprise all round. It is good.”

We exclusively revealed the star-studded line-up late last year with the likes of MP Matt Hancock, pop star Gareth Gates, Towie’s James Argent and athlete Perri Shakes-Drayton all involved.

Hancock, who pocketed over £300,000 for a stint in I’m A Celebrity last year, was paid a considerably less £45,000 to be put through his paces in an even more intense jungle hell.

The on-site medics were kept on their toes throughout the show with no fewer than six series injuries to deal with – the most in the show’s history.

Despite the dangers, Foxy says the programme takes contestants’ welfare very seriously.

Jason says: “Health and safety is very robust, we have a good relationship with the team that work on the show as well, so we’re always looking at how to push the boundaries but make sure that it’s safe.

“People do pick up injuries. It’s a by-product. The people that injure themselves are normally the people that are putting out the most. They’re giving it their all. They’ve got something to prove to themselves or someone else, and that’s why they’re pushing themselves to their limits.

“Some of the scarier tasks are actually the safest because they’ve got to have a robust backup plan and safety procedures in place for it to actually go ahead. We do push the boundaries, we just do it in a safe way.”

The latest series were filmed in Vietnam for the first time after two years up in the Scottish Highlands.

It was a welcome change of scenery for Jason, who says that while the location was a fantastic canvas for their work, it had begun to get stale after four seasons.

One thing viewers don’t get to see is some of the hilarious banter and late night snacking between the DS.

Foxy says: “48 hours of content makes up 46 mins of TV. There’s loads that doesn’t make it in. There’s some absolutely hilarious behind the scenes epics, that fortunately don’t make it in sometimes.

“When we’re on the ground on the tasks we’re busy we get amongst stuff, but when we get back to our accommodation, we live in the same standards as they have, but we do have access to better food.”

And while American Rudy Reyes might be the most ripped of the DS, he is the one with the biggest sweet tooth, which he indulges in their digs.

Jason says: “Let’s get one thing straight, Rudy has got a sweet tooth, without a shadow of a doubt. I catch him going into the fridge late at night when we’re living together, rummaging around in the bars of chocolate.”

However, in a new campaign for Nestlé, its Foxy’s sweet tooth that’s on display.

In a slick, Guy Ritchie style video, Jason takes on the role of the Golden Handler, who’s tasked with overseeing the safe
delivery of the first consignment of Nestlé’s new Golden Collection range to an ASDA supermarket in London.

While Foxy might have scared off bad guys from pinching the sweet treats, he really needed saving from himself.

He is shown scoffing the golden Aero, Milkybar, Munchies and
Smarties packs was supposed to be protecting.

Foxy said: “During my time in the special forces, and afterwards working in private security details, I’ve overseen the delivery of many high value assets and they’ve all gone off without a hitch. This one didn’t, and I’m aware I haven’t covered myself in glory. If the Golden Collection wasn’t so delicious then that briefcase wouldn’t have
been tampered with.”

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Though he’s a natural as the flawed guard, don’t expect to see Foxy jetting off to Hollywood just yet.

Fans of Nestlé’s Golden Collection can enter a competition to win a number of Golden Collection treats straight from The Golden Handler himself. To enter, visit the AERO website.

Jason plays a handler in a new Nestlé campaign


Jason plays a handler in a new Nestlé campaignCredit: Nestlé
The former military man has been a part of the SAS team for eight years


The former military man has been a part of the SAS team for eight yearsCredit: Handout
SAS: Who Dares Wins’ Jason Fox shows off his acting chops in new role

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