Where Is Jeon Somi? People Disappointed in Idol’s Lack of Music Release in 2 Years


From being a popular girl group center to a soloist, Jeon Somi has been gaining attention for her recent status of only appearing on TikTok and CFs without any comeback in about two years.

Is THEBLACKLABEL “wasting” the idol’s talent?

THEBLACKLABEL Criticized For Not Giving Jeon Somi Comeback in 2 Years

In web communities and social media platforms, the long hiatus of Jeon Somi became a hot topic. 


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After rising as the center for project girl group I.O.I in 2016, the young idol established her solo career with her debut single, “Birthday,” in 2019 under THEBLACKLABEL.

Since then, she became active as a soloist, and was even commended for her tracks “What You Waiting For,” “DUMB DUMB,” as well as her first album, “XOXO.”

She is loved especially for her “high-teen” concept, which is mixing good music and fashion. On top of her singing and dancing skills, her visuals and outfits are also lauded.

Jeon Somi XOXO

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Jeon Somi

Despite her popularity, K-pop fans feel frustrated about the frequency of her releases. Jeon Somi has been active as a soloist for four years (excluding her group activities), but she just only made a comeback three times.

Plenty of artists release new music on an average of 2 to 3 times a year, Somi would only release digital singles for three years from 2019 to August 2021, until she dropped her first album in October 2021.

So far, the “Anymore” singer has only eight songs in total since debuting as a solo artist.

Some Som-taengs and Som-mungchis, the fans’ nicknames of the idol, have been criticizing THEBLACKLABEL for this. Some also think that the label is “waisting” Somi’s talent for not giving her a comeback and not managing her promotional activities well.

JEON SOMI, wearing a corset and showing off her ant waist

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People are also raising their brows over the fact that Somi didn’t release any song in 2022 aside from being active on TikTok and doing CFs, doubting if she’s still an idol.

Fans express their worries that with the influx of new K-pop groups in the music scene, Somi’s fans will lose some of her supporters, not to mention the attention of the media to her.

On the flip, side, a lot of Som-taengs and Som-mungchis remain patient and waiting for Jeon Somi’s decision to have her comeback.

THEBLACKLABEL is known for the freedom of their artists when to release music; thus, fans believe that the idol will surely release a new song in the future once she feels like it’s the right time.

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(Photo : Jeon Somi (@mnetMAMA Twitter))

Last year, Jeon Somi didn’t release any songs; however, she’s often seen on SNS including Instagram and TikTok.

She’s active as muse and model for multiple brands, the reason Somi was also hailed as “CF Queen” in 2022, alongside BLACKPINK Jennie.

So far, her sole music-related activities were MCing for MAMA 2022 and appearing in TikTok challenges with other K-pop artists.

JEON SOMI, straight abs 'handful waist'... microfiber body certification

(Photo : JEON SOMI Instagram)

In 2023, the “DUMB DUMB” singer is not “jobless” as others might think. Rather, she’s actually doing an overwhelming amount of work this year related to being a brand model for numerous popular local and luxury brands.

On the 19th, she was tapped as the new exclusive model for the outdoor global brand North Face.

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Written by Eunice Dawson.

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