Taylor swift releases new hallucinogenic music video “Lavender Haze”




The American Singer, Taylor Swift, released on Friday a trippy music video featuring her getting into a lavender haze.



A lavender Haze is a phrase that means being in love.



Swift mentioned that this song is about her relationship with her boyfriend Joe Alwyn. 



 “If you were in the lavender haze that meant you were in that all-encompassing love glow. I thought that was really beautiful,” Swift said on her social media accounts. 




According to the American singer, she wanted to send a message to all people not to let anything bring them down. 




“I guess, theoretically, when you’re in the lavender haze you’ll do anything to stay there and not let people bring you down off of that cloud. I think a lot of people have to deal with this now, not just ‘public figures because we live in the era of social media, and if the world finds out that you’re in love with somebody they’re going to weigh in on it. Like my relationship for six years, we’ve had to dodge weird rumors, tabloid stuff and we just ignore it. This song is sort of about the act of ignoring that stuff to protect the real stuff.” she said in an Instagram video.




It is not the first time for Taylor swift to write a song about her lovers. Most of her famous debuts were written for her ex-lovers including “All Too Well” for Jake Gyllenhaal who she dated when she was 20 and “Style” about her relationship with Harry styles.




Swift’s fans were so excited for her new release. They pointed out to many references in her video that relates to her boyfriend like the constellations for their zodiac signs, Sagittarius and Pisces.

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