Planet Ant Presents ARMCHAIR DATING, an Original Romantic Comedy in One Act


Planet Ant Presents ARMCHAIR DATING, an Original Romantic Comedy in One Act

Planet Ant presents a remounted production of Armchair Dating, written by Planet Ant Home Team Co-Founder Margaret Edwartowski and directed by Kaitlyn Valor Bourque. Originally premiering in the former Planet Ant Black Box Theater in 2015, this current production has been updated for a modern audience and expanded to the stage at Ant Hall, just in time for Valentine Season! Armchair Dating will run Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, February 10 – 18. Tickets are available through Eventbrite and can be purchased at

Peter and Liz are on a Blind First Date. Peter is a painter. Liz is an actor. Peter and Liz don’t exactly have excellent track records for being set up. Peter has a lot of… expectations. Liz has a lot of… ideas. Is it a recipe for disaster or the makings of a true love story? Find out (and commiserate) alongside their best friends as the lovebirds in question regale the events of the evening! This production brings new faces to the Planet Ant stage – featuring Tish DeLano, Kelly Eubank, Jonathan Jones, and Matt Morley; with support from Assistant Director Caitlyn Shea, Stage Manager Joey Morse, Producer Lauren Bickers, and Graphic Designer Danielle Rosni.

“It’s a thrilling experience, working with such talented performers to bring Margaret’s quirky, heart-filled comedy to life,” says Bourque. “Everyone in the cast is making their debut at Planet Ant in some way – whether it’s their first time ever performing at Planet Ant, their first time performing in a scripted show at Planet Ant, or their first time performing in a scripted show, period. That’s an incredible energy to work with, when everyone is embarking on something new for the first time. I love facilitating these kind of experiences and admire the way Planet Ant continues to provide opportunities for artists to grow and evolve.”

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