Phyna shares two cents on why celebrity marriages fail


She weighed in on the topic in a recent TVC interview and also discussed the difficulties that her peers face while attempting to break into the spotlight.

When asked about the celebrity marriage woes, Phyna blamed those who take their celebrity too seriously. “An entertainer marrying another entertainer is nice because they both understand what they’re doing. They both understand the business, so when I tell you I’m busy, you’d understand. But a non-entertainer don’t,” she said.

She added, “You just need to be at the table with someone that understands. Many celebrity marriages fail because most of them front the celebrity life. When I’m with my boyfriend, I don’t even look like celebrity or talk celebrity. I’m like any normal girl. It’s when you start bringing in talks about you being this and that in a marriage that you start having problems. Make your relationship like that of normal people with normal lives. That way, it’s going to be successful. We have celebrities that have a successful marriage now.”

She said, “Only they know what’s there to fake. Even fake life is now more expensive. The money you would spend on living the fake life, you can live a decent and real life from it. So faking it till you make it is really nonsense.”

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