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L to R: Chef Larry Delgado, Chef Sylvia Casares, Chef Victoria Elizondo

L to R: Chef Larry Delgado, Chef Sylvia Casares, Chef Vianney Rodriguez

Clockwise: Chef Victoria Elizondo, Chef Joseph Gomez, Chef Rebel Mariposa, Chef Roberto (Bobby) Gonzalez

Clockwise: Chef Arlene Kay O'Neal, Chef Nadia Casaperalta, Chef Luis Olvera, Chef Andrés Garza

Clockwise: Chef Arlene Kay O’Neal, Chef Nadia Casaperalta, Chef Luis Olvera, Chef Andrés Garza

11 Chefs from across Texas will gather in Houston for first-time “Encuentro” to cook vibrant flavors of the South Texas and Northeastern Mexico culinary region.

These chefs represent the vanguard of our region’s first cuisine, which they celebrate every day in their highly successful restaurants”

— Adán Medrano

HOUSTON, TX, US, January 30, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Organizers of the culinary event, “Encuentro,” announced the final roster of Texas chefs who will cook the flavors of South Texas and Northeastern Mexico. 11 Celebrity chefs will present dishes from a distinct and extensive cuisine that has increasingly become highly influential. The chefs will also tell the histories connected to the food and to the region long known for delicious Mexican food with native roots.

The participating chefs are:

Chef Nadia Casaperalta
Chef Instructor, Culinary Arts, South Texas College
Elsa, Texas

Chef Sylvia Casares
Chef/Owner, Sylvia’s Enchilada Kitchen
Houston, Texas

Chef Larry Delgado
Chef/Owner, The Delgado Collective
McAllen, Texas

Chef Victoria Elizondo
Chef/Owner, Cochinita & Co.
Houston, Texas

Chef Andrés Garza
Director, Masa & Fermentation, Nixta Taquería
Austin, Texas

Chef Joseph Gomez
Chef/Owner, Con Todo
Austin, Texas

Chef Roberto (Bobby) Gonzalez
Chef/Owner, El Capataz, La Tabernilla
Laredo, Texas

Chef Rebel Mariposa
Chef/Owner, La Botánica
San Antonio, Texas

Chef Luis F. Olvera
Chef/Owner, Trompo
Dallas Texas

Chef Arlene Kay O’Neal
Chef/Researcher/Instructor, Caddo Nation Tribal Counci
Fort Worth, Texasl

Chef Vianney Rodriguez
Chef/Author, Sweetlife Bake
Aransas Pass, Texas

The chefs will gather in Houston, Texas on May 19-20 to ply their skills and cook three emblematic culinary showcases. With multiple courses and menus, they will highlight the ancient traditions of the Texas Mexican region whose history dates back over 10,000 years. The cuisine’s cutting edge, innovative and contemporary restaurant practices, will shine.

“Encuentro” is the first-time-ever gathering of its kind, celebrating the regional cuisine that has flourished in successful family-owned restaurants throughout Texas. The gathering is an initiative of the Texas Indigenous Food Project, a Texas non-profit corporation, and is Co-Sponsored by the City of Houston, Mayor Sylvester Turner’s Office of Special Events. It is funded by Humanities Texas, the state affiliate of The National Endowment for the Humanities.

“There is incredibly strong support for this first-time encounter because the cuisine has become so influential throughout the US and internationally,” says Adán Medrano, the Project Director. Medrano has researched and authored two books on Texas Mexican cuisine. He explains that “Encuentro” is the first time that these important chefs will join together to show the range, depth and influential flavors of the border region’s Mexican food.

Texas Mexican cooking, also called comida casera, shows how traditions both endure and evolve, Medrano says. “It’s all about these amazing chefs and their passion for superb food. These chefs represent the vanguard of our region’s first cuisine, which they celebrate every day in their highly successful restaurants.”

Christine Ortega, who is the Executive Director of “Encuentro,” announced that the website, which also launched today, has the full details about the participating chefs. The website also has details about their featured menus and dishes. The cooking showcases are by invitation and include the chefs, stakeholders, and invited media.

The general public is invited to an evening event with the chefs, which will be the closing event on Saturday, May 20th. The closing event includes a panel discussion with renowned scholars, and the chefs in attendance. Featuring film presentations and culinary discussions, the closing evening event is expected to be at maximum capacity, said Ortega. While the event is free, registration for a ticket is required, and registration will be open on the Encuentro website in April

All of the participating chefs have native roots in the South Texas and Northeastern Mexico region, so they naturally express their family cooking, and their personal styles. Medrano says that the dishes these eleven chefs will cook at Encuentro are expressions of an important cultural heritage of the native Mexican American community of the region.

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JM Media, LLC
+1 713-524-1628

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