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Do you remember that hilarious Weird Satanist Guy who makes those hilarious YouTube videos? Well, his real name is Andrew Bowser and he went out and made a movie based on his amusing Satanist character titled Onyx The Fortuitous and the Talisman of Souls, and it made its big premiere at Sundance Film Festival. This movie wasn’t on my radar at all, so it was a pleasant surprise when I saw Weird Satanist Guy pop-up onscreen because I love those videos that he made! 

The movie is exactly what you’d expect from the guy, and it’s filled with Bowser’s signature comedy style. It’s just delightfully goofy, supernatural fun! With all of the dark and depressing movies that I watch at Sundance, this is the kind of movie that just let me breathe a little bit and once again discover the joy of watching movies. 

Even though the whole thing is ridiculously silly, the story and script are actually good! It tells an enjoyable story and it’s also filled with funny laugh-out-loud comedy, depending on your style of humor, and I liked it!

Bowser takes on the role of Amateur occultist Marcus J. Trillbury, aka Onyx the Fortuitous, and he’s struggling. “He’s misunderstood at home and work, but his dreams for a new life seem to be answered when he lands a coveted invitation to the mansion of his idol Bartok the Great for a ritual to raise the spirit of an ancient demon. He excitedly joins Bartok and his fellow eclectic group of devotees as they prepare for the ceremony, but pretty quickly it becomes apparent everything is not as it seems. As Onyx and his new friends fight to keep their souls, he must decide what he’s willing to truly sacrifice in order to meet his destiny.”

The visual effects in the film were done on the cheap, but they were still awesome! The ghoulish characters had more of a cartoony look that reminded me of the characters we might see in the world of Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice. This movie was pretty much like a live-action cartoon, and there’s a certain charm that it has that made me happy.

Bowser wrote, directed and starred in the movie, and he must’ve had a lot of fun making it. The description says that “Bowser takes us on a wild ride of magic and fun with just the right mix of Satanic worship and friendship. Featuring terrifying monsters and dark and silly laughs, Onyx the Fortuitous and the Talisman of Souls is a creative and joyful celebration of weirdos of all kinds.”

It sure is! When this movie is released, I hope you give it a shot!

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