Crocodile wrangler Matt Wright’s bail conditions changed for a second time in relation to fatal helicopter crash


Netflix star and celebrity crocodile wrangler Matt Wright will be able to communicate with two more people he was formerly barred from contacting after his lawyers successfully applied to have his bail conditions altered for a second time.

Mr Wright — who is the star of Netflix reality show Wild Croc Territory and the National Geographic series Outback Wrangler — is one of three men facing charges over a fatal helicopter crash in Arnhem Land last February.

The crash killed his Outback Wrangler co-star Chris “Willow” Wilson and injured helicopter pilot Sebastian Robinson.

Mr Wright is charged with a series of offences in relation to the crash, including attempting to pervert the course of justice, destruction of evidence, fabricating evidence and two counts of unlawful entry. 

He was not onboard the helicopter when it crashed and, after he was charged in November, a spokesman said the crocodile wrangler “strenuously denies” any wrongdoing in relation to the crash.

helicopter crash site
The helicopter crashed in a remote part of Arnhem Land in February last year.(Supplied: Careflight)

Under Mr Wright’s original bail conditions, he was barred from contacting 50 people, including former police officer Neil Mellon and pilot Michael Burbidge, who are facing separate charges as part of the same investigation.

Last month, his legal team successfully applied for two people, Tim Johnston and Rowan Sutton, to be removed from that list

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