Celebrity beauty files: Chantalle Ng reveals every single item inside her well-stocked makeup bag


Rebecca Lim and Felicia Chin’s nuptials in 2022 have certainly had an effect on Mediacorp artiste Chantalle Ng.

I hope to be married at 35, I feel like it’s the ideal age,” the My Star Bride actress recently told 8 Days.

“Some may feel that it’s a bit older, but I think that’s the point where I’d be more stable in terms of my career and my mental health and everything, [to] just become a better person in all aspects. And be ready to share my life with someone else. I think that would be the most ideal age,” the 27-year-old added.

Surprise, surprise, the actress is slowly but surely making headway in the love department. “I’m talking to someone now, and I feel like if it ever gets to a stage where it’s something that I’d like to share, then I’d definitely be open about it.

What exactly does “talking” mean? And more importantly, where does she find the time?

“We’re just getting to know each other. We are at that age where we should be out dating people, and put ourselves out there. I don’t believe in shying away from opportunities to meet people, you know, just because of my occupation,” she went on to share.

“I think it should get to a stage where we’re both comfortable, and if we ever decide to commit, and be in like a long-term relationship, then I’d definitely share it with everyone.

What Ng will gladly share for now is how she stays on top of her game. CNA Lifestyle had a peek inside the star’s extremely well-stocked makeup bag and learns all about the makeup hack she picked up from actress Tasha Low.  

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