Alana Springsteen Experiences Full-Circle Moment In ‘you don’t deserve a country song’ Music Video


Springsteen’s Grand Ole Opry dreams come true in her new video.

Alana Springsteen is making her younger self proud as she continues to follow her dreams and make a name for herself as a country music artist. Her journey to stardom began at just 10 years old when she first experienced the magic of the Grand Ole Opry during a backstage tour with her family.

In Springsteen’s most recent music video for her song, “you don’t deserve a country song,” her nostalgic memory comes to life in a whole new way as viewers get to witness the full circle moment she had 12 years later. 

Directed by David Bradley and Springsteen, the accompanying music video opens with footage of Springsteen’s visit to the opry in 2010. “I’m gonna be there,” she tells the camera before the video transitions into the current day, which features clips from her life on the road and views of the high-energy fans from her spot on the various stages. 

“No one deserves to take your happiness,” Springsteen shared with “Watching this video had me feeling incredibly nostalgic and grateful. I’ve been moving so fast the past few years, and it’s easy to put blinders on and forget what’s actually happening.”

She continued, “Seeing all of these moments back-to-back like this helped put it all into perspective again and reinforced that I’m on the right path. It also made me realize how much my fans carried me through one of the hardest times in my life. Those moments do more to heal me than they’ll ever know.”

Towards the end of the heartwarming trip down memory lane, Springsteen returns to the historic venue that she’s been dreaming of since that very day as she makes her long-awaited Opry debut on her 22nd birthday, on October 18, 2022. 

The “Me Myself and Why” singer received the invitation to step into the circle from country superstar Luke Bryan. The whole thing, which she deemed “the biggest surprise of my life” was caught on video and then shared to socials on Tuesday, Oct. 4. What made this call from Bryan even more special was the fact that when Springsteen was younger, she got to see him perform on the same stage. 

“I felt so inspired that day, watching Luke Bryan perform from side stage. I remember being so confident when I looked at the camera and said, ‘I’m gonna be there.’ Then getting to shoot the performance for this video the day of my Opry debut 12 years later… it all still gives me chills,” she told the outlet. “I just want to make that little girl proud. There’s also a picture at the end of the video of little me sitting on the purple couch in the Porter Wagoner dressing room. You can see the stars in my eyes. That’s the exact same room and the same couch in the video. Truly one of the most epic full circle moments I’ve had so far.”

Her debut single, which was co-written by Alana Springsteen, Mitchell Tenpenny, Geoff Warburton, Will Weatherly, and Michael Whitworth, delivers an unapologetic breakup anthem that takes on an empowering twist. She also carries that mindset into the music video as she chooses not to dwell on the sad moments, but instead embrace all her greatest memories. 

“he didn’t deserve a country song…or a music video about heartbreak. instead this is about all the incredible moments i’ve gotten to experience over the past few years and the joy you and your stories have brought me. that’s what i choose to remember. OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO OUT NOW EVERYWHERE :),” she wrote on social media. 

The song is featured on Springsteen’s first installment, TWENTY SOMETHING: Messing It Up, of her three-part debut album, TWENTY SOMETHING, due out March 24. Springsteen is credited as a co-producer on all but one song on the project, in addition to being a co-writer on every track.

Next month, Alana Springsteen will support Adam Doleac’s BARSTOOL WHISKEY WONDERLAND Tour. The trek will launch on February 9 in Dallas, TX and come to a close on May 6 in Lexington, KY. 

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