Reza Tootoonchi launches music academy for upcoming artists


Reza Tootoonchi has launched a new music academy, aimed at nurturing new electronic music talent. 

The Reza Tootoonchi & Persian Music Academy is run in partnership with the eponymous and will take place at Tootoonchi’s Studio in Tehran from 15th to 18th March 2023. 40 musicians, songwriters, vocalists, and producers from across the country will be given a chance to participate in the three-day programme.

The course includes elements on writing, mixing, mastering, PR, branding, social media, booking, law, and more.

Those interested must submit a motivational video alongside a maximum of three pieces of original music they have created.

“I’m super excited about this Music Academy. The focus for us at Tootoonchi’s Studio is already on emerging talent.

Reza Tootoonchi is now a member of the Iran music association and currently working on producing an educational music-related online program for the first time in Iran.

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