Rainn Wilson and Lil Rel Howery Set To Star in The Paramedic Action-Comedy CODE 3 — GeekTyrant


Rainn Wilson (The Office, Super) and Lil Rel Howery (Get Out) are set to star in and produce a buddy paramedic, action-comedy titled Code 3.

The movie follows “a day-in-the-life of two overworked, underpaid and nearly burnt-out paramedics. One EMT is so burnt-out by the job that he is forcing himself to resign, though he first must embark on one last 24-hour shift to train his replacement. Everything that could happen on the job, from the mundane to the extreme, then happens on this final, exhilarating day.”

This sounds like it will make for a fun comedy and the script for it was actually written by a former paramedic named Patrick Pianezza. The movie will be directed by Christopher Leone (Parallels) and it will start shooting in Los Angeles next month.

Wayfarer Studios President, Jamey Heath said in a statement: “CODE 3 is a fresh buddy action comedy from Patrick and Christopher that will take the audience on an introspective journey. It demonstrates how our interactions with strangers can have a profound impact. We are beyond excited for this film and the fact that Rainn and Lil Rel are on board is fantastic. The two will inject humor and levity into this provocative story and Wayfarer Studios is thrilled to partner with Circle of Confusion and Silver Heart Productions to share this story.”

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