This Republican punchline is comedy gold


George Santos probably has no time to watch TV or mess around with social media since he’s probably busy creating fusion reactions, flying solo around the world, and winning The Great British Bake Off.

But if he did take a look, Santos would see he’s actually done something for America that we desperately needed: comic relief. (Videos embedded below.)

Santos, aka Anthony Devolder, aka Kitara Rivache (or Wyatt Earp or whatever else he may be calling himself lately) seems to be the one thing that Republicans and Democrats can somewhat agree on – that and that Netflix should stop playing every fucking show and movie the moment you stop on it – even Republicans know that.

Some Republican reps, including several from his state of New York, have even called Democratic calls for Santos to resign.

But Kevin McCarthy, desperate to become speaker, took advantage of the Santos situation to secure his vote and is evidently protecting him to some degree – at least for now.

He’s even appointed Santos to some lower-level committees: Small Business and the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology.

Well, as far as the second one goes, Einstein did say that “Imagination is more important than knowledge,” and Santos sure does have one hell of an imagination.

Maybe by serving on that committee he’ll start investigating time machines (so he can go back and alter his history) or restart the old Roswell nonsense again.

Nonetheless, plenty of people were willing to offer some humorous takes on Santos’s appointment to that particular committee, and SNL had a fun time roasting him on Weekend Update for the way he treats truth like kryptonite.

Let’s begin with Santos’s fellow committee member, Bill Foster (D-IL), a physicist by training who once worked at Fermilab. He issued plenty of shade to his new coworker:

Not to be outdone, Scott Kelly, astronaut and twin brother of Arizona Senator Mark Kelly, tweeted:

Yet the fun is only just beginning, folks! Here are some more great takes on Santos’s assignments and his lies in general, followed by the SNL bit.

In the SNL intro:

And later on Weekend Update:

George, please stick around awhile. We need you!

If you go, we’ll just be left with how ridiculous Kevin McCarthy is, and he’s more sad than funny.

For more fun and laughs (especially at Republican expense) join Ross on Twitter by clicking on @RossRosenfeld.

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