Simon Bird turns preacher in cult comedy Everyone Else Burns


Pick of the day: Everyone Else Burns

10pm, Channel 4

This promising new comedy from the makers of Russian Doll stars Simon Bird as David, a father who wakes his children one day to tell them that “the end of time is here”. “Finally,” sighs his teenage son, for David and his family are part of a religious cult longing for Armageddon. Or at least they did: wife Fiona (Kate O’Flynn, superb) has become somewhat fed up with the overbearing David. Meanwhile, daughter Rachel now shyly fancies a local dog-walker, rendering the end of time somewhat inconvenient. The supporting cast is to die for (albeit with no promise of an afterlife), including Morgana Robinson and Lolly Adefope.

Silent Witness

9pm, BBC One

Soaps and other long-running dramas love a train crash and Silent Witness proves no exception. Nikki (Emilia Fox) and the team are called to a devastating train collision, and work with the police and counter-terrorism to piece events together.

How the Holocaust Began

9pm, BBC Two

There’s a crossover between this documentary and the final episode of The US and the Holocaust (10pm, BBC Four) in that both programmes touch on the same aspect of the genocide – the fact that before the organised slaughter at the death camps, millions of Jews were shot, buried or burned in what historian James Bulgin calls “the holocaust of bullets before the holocaust of gas”. Much of this chaotic mass murder has only come to light after the fall of the Soviet Union, so teams scour Eastern Europe for burial sites.


9pm, ITV1

“People die… they’re ill,” Catherine (Lara Pulver) tells Maryam (Parminder Nagra). “It doesn’t make us Harold Shipman.” Little wonder then that Catherine is whisked off to brush up her communication skills. She is however delighted when the father of her child, Lars (Alexander Karim) jets in from Sweden, but less thrilled to discover that his wife is in tow.

More from Culture

SAS: Who Dares Wins – Jungle Hell

9pm, Channel 4

The latest 20 civilians facing a condensed version of the SAS selection process are whisked off to the jungles of Vietnam for this new series of the sadomasochistic reality show. As a warm-up exercise, they have to traverse parallel bars suspended 50ft in the air before abseiling down a waterfall.

The Last of Us

9pm, Sky Atlantic

“The greatest video game adaptation ever made” is perhaps not quite the plaudit it seems when you consider some of the dud adaptations that have gone before, but there’s no doubt that this slow-burning spin on the apocalyptic video game is genuinely classy. The latest episode opens unexpectedly in Indonesia in 2003, where an eminent mycologist is whisked off to a secret centre and shown a disturbing corpse. Will she be able create a vaccine?

Humza: Forgiving the Unforgivable

10.40pm, BBC One

Actor and YouTuber Humza Arshad explores the possibility of forgiving the gang who stabbed his cousin. Among those he speaks to is a father whose sons were killed by rioters in Birmingham, a mother who lost her daughter at the Manchester Arena bombing, and an imam who survived a vicious racist knife attack.

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