‘It’s Always Punny in Philadelphia’ brings the laughs, groans to Helium Comedy Club


Aaron Schwartzbaum, the producer, MC and host of the competition, says it’s more of a support group than anything else.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — There’s a new show in town for fans of comedic wordplay in the Delaware Valley.

“It’s Always Punny in Philadelphia” is a new ongoing stand-up comedy competition pitting the area’s best and worst puns and one-liners against each other.

The winner takes all the glory or groans.

Aaron Schwartzbaum, the producer, MC and host of “It’s Always Punny,” says it’s more of a support group than anything else.

“The kind of crowd that is into puns is narrower than other comedy. But the people who are here are really into it. They know what they’re getting into, I hope! It’s a bunch of really dedicated people and I’m really glad Helium made it all possible,” said Schwartzbaum.

The event is held at the Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia on a semi-regular basis. It draws pun comedians, stand-ups, prop comics and word nerds from all over the country.

Alex Tallarico has been doing improv and stand-up comedy for about seven years. He says, “It’s important to know when you’re doing puns. The groans are just as important as laughs. We’re not just in this for entertainment, it’s a feedback loop. When you tell a joke, no matter how good or bad, and people laugh, you feel good too.”

“Now more than ever it’s important that people laugh, and if it’s by people doing something as dumb and silly as puns, that’s the way to go,” Tallarico adds.

Schwarztbaum hopes to have another show by the spring of 2023. For more information on that or any other upcoming comedy event at Helium, click here.

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