American Celebrity Chef Eitan Bernath Makes ‘Litti Chokka’ In Bihar


Watch: American Celebrity Chef Eitan Bernath Makes 'Litti Chokka' In Bihar

Mr Bernath’s video has accumulated more than 15,000 views and nearly 600 likes.

American celebrity chef Eitan Bernath recently visited “Did Ki Rasoi” in Patna and tried ‘Litti Chokka’ before being invited to the kitchen to try cooking some traditional Bihari dishes himself. Taking to Twitter, Mr Bernath shared a video of himself in which he is seen trying the Bihari cuisine and cooking the same with “Didi Ki Rasoi” staff. 

“I got the chance to eat Litti Chokka at a “Didi Ki Rasoi” today in Patna. The Didis welcomed me into their kitchen and taught me a variety of traditional Bihari dishes in this incredible program that provides them autonomy and financial stability,” Mr Bernath wrote in the caption of the post. 

Watch the video below: 

Since being shared, Mr Bernath’s video has accumulated more than 15,000 views and nearly 600 likes. Internet users praised the celebrity chef for his cooking skills and willingness to learn about the cuisine. Some users even suggested the chef try some other traditional Bihari dishes. 

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“You should try Litti with Bihari style made mutton,” wrote one user. “Exceptional! I can see you also made rice flour dumplings ‘Poos Pithhaa’, Thekua (a dessert offered to the deity on the Chhath festival in Bihar) & of course Litti-Chokha. Felt glad the way you show respect for our culture, cuisine, and tradition,” said another. 

“Brilliant Eitan,” commented third. “Wow, what a privilege,” added fourth. 

Meanwhile, in a separate post, Mr Bernath shared another video which showed women of ‘Didi Ki Rasoi’ welcoming Eitan Bernath with a tilak on his forehead and smiles on their faces. “Today I cooked with the women of Didi Ki Rasoi at a canteen in a hospital in Bihar, India! It was clear to me that the women were proud of and empowered by their ability to turn their culinary skills into extra income for their families,” he wrote in the caption. 

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