FX, other basic cable TV channels announce programming plans


John Landgraf, FX chief, told the Television Critics Association that he thinks “FX sand AMC are kind of holding the fort right now.”

The TV world keeps transforming. Streamers soar; broadcast networks stumble. But what about all of those in-between — the basic channels that come free to cable subscribers?

“The basic-cable business is really struggling to compete,” John Landgraf, the FX chief, told the Television Critics Association. “I think FX and AMC are kind of holding the fort right now.”

Both looked potent in his staff’s tabulation of critics’ top-10 lists for 2022. FX was No. 2, trailing only the HBO Max streamer; AMC had the No. 1 individual show — the final season of “Better Call Saul.”

And both had impressive lineups to show the TCA:

● AMC has invested heavily in the underworlds of zombies (three “Walking Dead” spinoffs coming) and Anne Rice novels (“Interview With the Vampire” and the current “Mayfair Witches,” with many more coming). But it also has the beautifully written and played “Lucky Hank” pilot film, with Bob Odenkirk (the “Saul” star) as a cranky college professor.

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