Prince Harry didn’t mention a wild tequila-fueled party with an ‘I’m A Celebrity’ star in his memoirs


The memoirs that Prince Harry wrote have shocked the British royalty, as it reveals episodes of his life that was the subject of rumors and that he has confirmed, but he has also left out some episodes of his life that he apparently does not want to remember.

One of those episodes happened when he was younger, when he was at a party where tequila was circulated by the bucketload and the prince ended up lying in a bush with Nicola McLean, star of ‘I’m A Celebrity’ and Page 3 model.

Nicola tells how the wild episode went

Nicola is a former model, and recalls that years ago she was at a party full of celebrities, including Harry, with whom she had a romp after drinking tequila to her heart’s content, according to an exclusive in the UK’s Mirror newspaper.

McLean says Harry has always been chivalrous, but when he drank he was “like an animal”: “I got really drunk and fell into a bush as I was leaving. I was trying to get up and I thought, ‘My husband Tom can’t see that I’m so drunk.’ Then Harry put out a hand and grabbed me. I said, ‘Don’t tell Tom,’ and we were laughing our heads off,” she recounted.

Nicola was at that party, which occurred in 2015, with her husband former footballer Tom Williams. The party was for retired rugby player James Haskell‘s 30th birthday.

Harry hung out with the boys and got drunk

Nicola, 41, told the Mirror: “Tom has a business in Las Vegas, so they started talking. Harry loves Las Vegas. It was great fun and just one of the lads.

“He didn’t watch what he drank to be professional or royalty. He was just hanging out with the guys and getting drunk. I liked him a lot. I knew him before I met Meghan, so I don’t know if that made a difference, but he was a really nice guy.”

We literally drank so much tequila that we ran out. Then Harry and Tom were trying to find a way to sneak out and get more. Security wouldn’t let us leave, but he was totally willing to go to the store.”

Tequila was definitely Harry’s drink of choice, so it suited him just fine. Harry and Tom behaved like animals. To be fair, I gave him a hard time, which is why I fell into a bush, but they drank it all.”

“It wasn’t my finest hour, but who doesn’t want to get drunk with Prince Harry?” she confessed amused.

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