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Golden Horse actress Brigitte Lin held a new book launch event for “Qingxia Pieces”, revealing that she is a night owl and used to be busy with “this matter” in the middle of the night. (Photo source: Central News Agency/Photo by Xie Jiazhang)

Brigitte Lin, Golden Horse actressIt is rare to come back to Taiwan to face fans at close range. Today, the “Qingxia Pieces” new book release conference is held, and writer Bai Xianyong is invited to be the interlocutor. It is rare to act againLin Qingxiareveal, willing toBai Xianyongplaystage showand even revealed that he is a night owl, he is used to writing in the middle of the night, and he also said that he does not reject writing movie scripts.

Brigitte Lin shared that she started writing her first article “A Laugh in the Sea” in order to commemorate Hong Kong writer Huang Zhan. She received a lot of praise and encouragement and fell in love with writing since then. 3 collections of essays, including “Inside the Window and Outside”, “Clouds Go to Clouds”, “Before the Mirror and Behind the Mirror”, and this year won the “16th Hong Kong Biennial Award for Chinese Literature” Prose Category Recommendation Award, and an honorary doctorate in social sciences from the University of Hong Kong .

Brigitte Lin laughed and said that when she published her first book, she was questioned as a ghostwriter, and she didn’t believe her writing was so good, “Now everyone should accept it.” As for the title of the new book “Qingxia Xiaopin”, it is because I want to write down the little fun and insights in life, “during the epidemic, Bo Jun smiled, so it is a sketch”.

But despite publishing 4 books, Lin Qingxia still modestly stated that she is not a writer, nor a big star, “I am just a writer, and now I can only admit this.” She shared, “It is said that writing is a lonely road, but writing has cured my loneliness. When I devoted myself to writing, I forgot what loneliness is.”

Bai Xianyong praised, “Whether you are a big star or not, you are our national treasure and will always shine”, and said that the most important thing in prose is to be true and be true to yourself. Brigitte Lin once asked Bai Xianyong how to write, and he told him to “write down what’s in his heart”. This time, after reading “Qingxia’s Essay”, he did not hesitate to praise: “Qingxia’s essays are very true, and it can be seen that she is very kind, because she is true, Because it is good, it is beautiful.”

Bai Xianyong mentioned that when he saw Lin Qingxia for the first time, he felt very cold and glamorous and didn’t speak. Lin Qingxia responded with a wry smile, “I was guilty at the time, and I didn’t know what to say.” Later, the two gradually became acquainted, and Bai Xianyong praised each other for his thoughtfulness and enthusiasm. Brigitte Lin also organized an 80th birthday banquet for him, chatting from 6:00 pm to 3:00 am.

There are two photos in Lin Qingxia’s book, which made Bai Xianyong particularly impressed. One is Lin Qingxia buying flowers from poor children in India. Xia’s smile is very innocent, showing her love for children”, Brigitte Lin said directly, “That’s a small matter”.

Lin Qingxia said frankly that she likes to see children happy, “I also grew up in a very poor country. At that time, I dreamed that people like this would come to our country trails.” Now, I like to see people happy. I am happy when I am happy, so I often surprise people.”

Bai Xianyong mentioned that the 1988 book “The Story of the Immortals” was adapted into a movie, and Brigitte Lin had been appointed as the heroine, but it didn’t make it, and he felt a little regretful. Brigitte Lin said that because of this, the two formed a bond. When the host Cai Shiping advocated that Bai Xianyong wrote a new movie script for her, Brigitte Lin laughed back: “I’ll just act in a stage play you wrote, don’t act in a movie, always have to do it.” A little bit of a change.”

Lin Qingxia revealed that she does not reject writing movie scripts, “If someone asks me to write, you can try to learn it. As for novels, if you want to think about it, you should ask Sister Qiong Yao and Teacher Bai for advice.”

Brigitte Lin laughed and said that her writing habits are like night owls, 99% of them start writing in the middle of the night, “I always go to bed late and get up late, and I also work late at filming. Now I write articles without going to bed at night”, but I am inspired and motivated. I only write when I feel, “I have no one to urge the manuscript.”

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