World Cup 2022: Qatari television mocks Germany’s elimination from the World Cup


Germany were one of the favourites to win the World Cup in Qatar. Their quality and depth of good players made them one of the strongest teams but, against all odds, they were eliminated in the group stage.

Japan were the team that beat the Germans on the opening day, and from there it was an uphill task that they couldn’t overcome. The draw against Spain left them on the ropes, and although they won their last match, Japan’s shock win over La Roja sent them out.

And the host country did not miss the opportunity to mock Hansi Flick‘s team a little more, and as usual, for political reasons.

Germany squad members return from Qatar after early exit from World Cup

The Germans covered their mouths in their first team photo against Japan in a kind of protest at not being allowed to wear the One Love armband, with the rainbow representing the LGTBI community.

They wanted to signal that they had no freedom of speech, and so they should keep their mouths shut, rather than actually express their views and face a punishment.

The hypocrisy of this half-hearted action drew criticism and ridicule on social media and, now, the Qataris have used their own method to mock the national team.

The main sports programme on Qatari television started the recording with all its commentators covering their mouths, imitating the players who made this gesture, and therefore, laughing at the players who see the World Cup ending for them.

The protagonists waved at the camera with one hand and covered their mouths with the other.

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