Crime and Comedy Classes at MMU


Wednesdays in December, Movie Madness University (MMU) presents the first in their new “Genealogy of Comedy” series. Using their expansive collection of televised sketch comedy, the class explores some of the unique connections, comedic lineages and subversive and lesser-known programs that influenced or inspired many popular modern sketch shows. From “Who’s on First?” to “F**k Your Couch!” every sketch show has roots that can be traced through regional comedy scenes, improv theaters and influences from the original sketch shows that inspired them.

Dylan Reiff, co-founder of Portland’s Kickstand Comedy, teaches the four-week class that starts at 6:30 pm weekly. Enjoy watching a unique program of themed sketches each week and plan to discover some new cult favorites along the way.

Mind the gap, hop on the tube and explore London’s gritty underbelly Thursdays, 7 pm (starting December 8). In Intro to British Crime Films, writer, producer and media educator Jeff Oliver will guide the class through a deep dive of the iconic genre of British crime films, from post-war Ealing Studios films to the eclectic insanity of cinema from the “Cool Britannia” era.

Walk through the madness of Cockney rhyming slang and maybe even compete to see who has the greatest Michael Caine impression. After each week’s movie there will be an instructor-led discussion. For a complete list of the movie titles that will be shown in this class, which range from 1955 to 1998 flicks, email with “film titles” in the subject line. 

Tuition for each class is $75; $60 for Hollywood Theater/Movie Madness members. Classes will be limited to 18 participants and proof of vaccination is required for all. Visit to register.

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