Renzo Piano and Alvisi Kirimoto Interiors of Rai News 24 television studios


Renzo Piano and Alvisi Kirimoto designed the interiors of the new Rai News 24 studios. The project responded to the need for a makeover for Italy’s first 24-hour news channel, broadcast by RAI, the company with exclusive rights to public radio and television in Italy.

The new studios in Rome, located in the Rai production centre in Saxa Rubra, respond to the technological and multimedia requirements of what is for all intents and purposes “a news laboratory“. Built on the basis of criteria of sustainability and transparency, the new spaces offer television viewers a simple look responding to the technological requirements of a contemporary information and communication studio. In a neutral volume characterised by clean, simple lines, covered entirely with cherry wood, are three news-reading stations: areas that can be used in different ways as required, complete with a touch table and two additional tables available for guests or specialist programmes. The entire facility offers all the flexibility and dynamism required of a television studio; the desks, for instance, are surfaces of minimalist design mounted on wheels, integrating all the devices and equipment reporters need. LED walls at the back and sides of the studio slide along tracks integrated into other structures or walls.

In this interior translating the evolution of the multimedia scene into architectural form and responding to the requirements of the Rai News 24 studios, the architects introduce something new, a surprising addition which is the fruit of an ingenious intuition: a mirror. This unusual element “pierces” the screen so that television viewers can see a part of the intense work that goes on in the newsroom behind the camera.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Project Name: Rai News 24 sets

Location: Saxa Rubra Studios, Roma – Italy

Architects: Renzo Piano and Alvisi Kirimoto

Project team: Junko Kirimoto design leader, Massimo Alvisi design manager, Elena Scorrano architect

Client: Rai

GFA: 226 sqm

Project Date: January 2022

Start of Construction: May 2022

Competion: September 2022

Director consultant Francesca Bartolomei

Scenoluminous Consultant: Fausto Carboni

Carpentry: Allegrini Arredamenti

Metal Structures: Metal C

Photos: © Rai, Rai News 24 (01, 03-08)

sketch © courtesy of Renzo Piano (02)

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