Jake Flint, Country Music Singer Dies Tragically


Many fans were shocked at the young death of Jake Flint. While no cause has been given, it is hard to believe that Jake Flint passed away so young. “R.I.P. Jake Flint. Unbelievably sad news. Jake was a beloved Green Country musician gone way too soon,” One fan Tweet. “RIP Jake Flint. Just recently discovered his music and was an up-and-coming artist Red Dirt music, 37 years old is way too young!!” Tweet another.

Flint’s friend Mike Hosty (one-man band), remarked on how wonderful Mike was. “He was a singer-songwriter, through and through, and just a big personality, a big heart, and (he’d) bend over backward to do anything for you,” He told the story The Oklahoman. “When any musician asks you to play at their wedding, it’s one of those most important days … and it’s always an honor.” Flint was also honored by fellow Oklahoma musicians via their social media profiles. “If there’s a heaven and they let me in, I know it’ll be because you went to bat for me, Jake. I love you,” Blake Lankford wrote the following Facebook. “The world has a dimmer sparkle without you in it pilgrim! I love you, Jake, and my heart breaks for those you left behind,” Buffalo Rogers was the author of Facebook.

Brenda Cline Flint, Flint’s former manager had nothing but praises about the musician. “He was a great lyricist, he had a distinctive voice,” According to The Oklahoman, she spoke out. “… and I think he’d just want his music to be heard and his legacy to be remembered that way. And I think it will be.”

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