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20 has simplified the approach to music distribution, licensing and publishing worldwide. It has achieved this via a user-friendly dashboard that allows artists to upload their content free of charge. In this interview, Qris Chinedu Ebeatu, who is the brain behind the platform, spoke with MUHAMMED AHMED NURUDEEN.

NextXtar is a distribution channel supported by established partnerships with major global digital music and social media platforms ranging from UDUX, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Tidal, Amazon, Instagram, Tik Tok, Deezer, Vevo and Facebook (Meta).

Qris Chinedu Ebeatu adds, “running the platform is quite challenging. Our primary objective is to make sure we distribute to as many digital stores as possible, as well as give the artists proper account of how their music is doing, provide fans links, and as well, guide the artists to the best of our abilities… we promote the artists on all of our social media accounts.”

He reveals, NextXtar is a platform that gives artists opportunity to compete for fabulous prizes, attract more fans and judge how people perceive their art, while the radio gives subscribers opportunity to listen to the music uploaded by its represented artists and labels.

He says, “as a music distribution platform, it was founded from a passion for discovering new talent and music. Its digital music distribution model makes it easy for young talent from Africa and others to gain access to the global market for ‘free’.”

He says the purpose is not only to ease digital music distribution in Africa and beyond, but also to assist with marketing and promotion of artists and their songs.

As for what’s next, Ebeatu explains, “we will be adding video to the platform.” He continues, “this will allow creatives to upload and share viral videos on the platform with subscribers, street teams and beyond.”

The App is available for download on the Google Play and Apple Play stores for Android and iOS devices. He reveals, “I have a very tight work schedule and I somehow consider work as leisure too. However, I make out time to create memorable moments with my family especially my son whom we enjoy each other’s company. He likes to travel, so, we plan vacations to spend time outside our routines and bond.”

On whether the acceptance of Afrobeats has impacted the distribution of Nigerian music content, he has this to say: “Yes afrobeat has revolutionalised and impacted the distribution of music worldwide. A lot has changed over the last 10 years, with young African artistes adapting the afrobeats sounds and changing it to suit the young generation. Nigeria has the population, and this has helped in its acceptance. Afrobeat, which was originally created and popularised by the late Fela Anikulako Kuti has spread around Africa and beyond.”

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