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A couple in China sparked outrage after they forced their eight-year-old to watch television all night as a punishment for watching too much TV, a report said. The parents in central China’s Hunan province had left their son at home, instructing him to finish his homework and sleep early, South China Morning Post reported.

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But when they returned home, the couple found their son watching TV owing to which he had not finished his homework. As a result, the parents punished the boy by telling him to watch TV the entire night. They even took turns to keep a watch on the child so they could force him to stay awake.

The boy was initially calm and ate snacks while watching TV before he became tired and started crying.

He was not allowed to sleep until 5am, the report said. The incident was criticised on Chinese social media triggering a debate on parenting.

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“The punishment was too harsh, and what if the boy starts to get used to staying up late?” one user said on Weibo.

Earlier, the issue of tough parenting prompted China’s lawmakers to adopt legislation on family education promotion. Under the law, parents and guardians could be reprimanded and ordered to go through family education guidance programmes if prosecutors found any criminal or “very bad behaviour” in their children. The law also prohibits parents from using “violence” to educate children on how to behave.

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