These Iconic Thanksgiving Meals from Television Will Leave You Full and Hungry


You combine television magic with Thanksgiving. What are you left? It’s a mouthwatering adventure.

Traditionally, most TV shows commemorate the United States’ Turkey Day by whipping up very special episodes, which often include family high jinks, cooking chaos and, you guessed it, a sit down dinner worthy of a Michelin star.

You can take Friends, for example. The NBC Comedy, which ran 10 seasons (1994-2004), featured a Thanksgiving episode in every season. So viewers enjoyed 10 carefully curated Thanksgiving meals. Friends‘ props department. One meal stood out from the rest. You’ll need to continue reading for the answer.

Gilmore GirlsStarring Lauren Graham And Alexis Bledel The mother-daughter pair, as well as their own holiday episodes, had plenty of them. One episode of season 3 featured Lorelai & Rory at Thanksgiving, and not just one but two. Four Festive feasts. We don’t know how to make you feel hungry if that’s not enough.

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