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Gay romantic comedy ‘Mascarpone’ is coming to DVD and On-Demand from Monday 28th November 2022 via Peccadillo Pictures.

Starring Giancarlo Commare, Eduardo Valdarnini and Gianmarco Saurino, the film is directed by Alessandro Guida and Matteo Pilati.

Handsome Antonio (Giancarlo Commare) seizes a second chance in life when he is suddenly dumped by his husband. Needing a place to stay, a fulfilling job and a new purpose, luck leads Antonio to larger-than-life flatmate Denis (Eduardo Valdarnini) and a bakery owned by the sexy Luca (Gianmarco Saurino).

It is through these new-found friendships, Rome’s bustling gay scene and a previously dormant passion for pastry cuisine that Antonio realises how much of himself he sacrificed in his past relationship, and how much there is still to enjoy in life when circumstances set you free.

‘Mascarpone’ blends delicious food, high drama and cheeky humour in a way only the Italians know how.

Watch the trailer at the top of this article.

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