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Immunotherapy Institute CAR T-Cells

Immunotherapy Institute CAR T-Cells

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 24, 2022 / — The Immunotherapy Institute has now launched a CAR T-Cell protocol for lung cancer treatment in Mexico, allowing American, Canadian and other international patients to receive the innovative cellular treatment that’s revolutionizing healthcare.

According to a recent article published in Harvard Medical School’s website, “CAR T-cell immunotherapy is a powerful approach for treating cancer, but it’s not available for many patients who need it.”

CAR T-Cells are practically impossible to get in the US and Canada because of the current barriers of entry for cancer patients.

As of early November 2022, the cancer clinic in Mexico has launched a protocol based on CAR T-Cells to provide patients a powerful type of immunotherapy for lung cancer.

“A patient can be admitted into our facilities and begin the process to receive CAR T-Cells, within 72 hours of establishing candidacy. Our center has been receiving tons of inquiries regarding CAR T-Cells, patients are saying cancer centers in their home countries have told them to wait up to a year to even qualify for this breakthrough treatment.” said Dr Ariel Perez, co-founder and medical director at Immunotherapy Institute.

Since 2015, the team of renowned oncologists and specialists at Immunotherapy Institute have been treating cancer patients with top breakthrough treatments and protocols procured from all over the world and have established themselves as one of the best cancer centers in Mexico.

In Mexico, the main advantage is that patients can receive a variety of innovative cancer treatments under the same roof, as opposed to the US and Canada where they would need to be admitted into several different clinical trials in different hospitals across the country.

The Immunotherapy Institute is kicking off their CAR T Cell program with only ten monthly spaces for candidates who are suffering from lung cancer.

In order to be considered for the program, a patient must first establish contact with a case manager and share some basic contact information to schedule a phone consultation with an oncologist that will determine candidacy.

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