5 football players with unlikely celebrity friends


Footballers mingling with celebrities are nothing new as people from both sides often cross path, creating friendships between stars. From being friends with A-list Hollywood actors, and singers, even with players of other sports, footballers sure know how to keep the limelight on themselves even when they are off the field. 
So, let’s take a look at some of the celebrity friends of famous footballers. 

Neymar Jr. and Lewis Hamilton

They both are legends of their sports and both became friends, thanks to Lewis’s appreciation of Brazilian culture and Neymar’s F1 fandom. Their busy schedule hampers them from frequent meet-ups and most of the time they are just inviting each other to visit their respective countries. However, when they do meet, it’s always in style. 

David Beckham and Tom Cruise

Beckham is the embodiment of football and fashion together, while Cruise is a bona fide superstar of Hollywood. Thanks to Beckham’s connection in the entertainment industry through his wife Victoria, the friendship between Beckham and Cruise bloomed, be it when they are attending a party in Los Angeles or when Cruise is in London for a movie shoot. Like a true friend, Cruise has always been at Beckham’s side. He was even present at Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabéu Stadium’s luxury box to witness David Beckham’s last match for the Spanish club in 2007. 

Ronaldo Nazario and Ed Sheeran

Ronaldo is one of the greatest strikers of all time, while Ed Sheeran is extremely popular for his catchy tunes. A friendship between these two seems rather unlikely, but it happened, thanks to the fun-loving nature of Ronaldo. Brazilians in general love to dance and sing, so it was no wonder Ronaldo, who has a reputation for a party-loving lifestyle, went to the concert of Sheeran, and then invited him to his house which had a club in it. Ronaldo showed Sheeran the dance routine to the singer’s Thinking Out Loud music video and gave him a signed shirt!

Sergio Aguero and Drake

The Argentine footballer Sergio Aguero attended Canadian singer Drake’s concert in 2019 when he was in Manchester for his tour. The star-struck player was a big fan of Drake and snapped a selfie with him backstage after the concert ended. From there, their friendship began and in recent years they have been known to hang out together and party in Hollywood. 

Son Heung Min and Park Seo Joon

British club Tottenham Spur’s South Korean player Son Heung Min is widely regarded as the best Asian player right now, performing at the highest level in a top league for years. As he is incredibly popular back home, it’s not surprising he is friends with actor Park Seo Joon, famous for K-dramas like What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, and Itaewon Class. When asked in a variety show if he watched football, he replied by chanting, ‘Tottenham, Tottenham!’ and saying how the famous Son Heung Min was his friend. 

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