The Caker ‘miffed’ by celebrity Chrissy Teigen’s brand’s resemblance


It’s the food fight that has social media in a frenzy. The humble Kiwi cake start-up is in a feud with mega influencer Chrissy Teigen’s company Cravings.

“I want to address a bigger picture here, which is how the little guy can sometimes get stomped on by the bigger guy,” Rondel said.

Rondel told Newshub she knew about Cravings’ plans to release their own cake mixes prior to the two companies’ collaboration in September.

But she’s a “bit miffed” by the resemblance between the two products.

“A line of theirs came out and it just aesthetically looked very similar,” Rondel said.

She concedes the cake mix isn’t exactly a new concept – Edmonds, Betty Croker, you name it.

But Rondel also claims her take on a cake is a novel idea.

“We’re talking kind of about the concept of this elevated luxury version of this commodity and the way it looks,” she said.

Rondel questions whether Cravings could’ve made more of an effort to make their product look different.

“I don’t want to say the word ‘lazy’ or anything like that but it did seem a bit like… C’mon guys,” she said.

Despite the online storm, Rondel is determined to see The Caker continue to rise. She paid tribute to her followers and supporters back home and abroad.

“Everyone who has said what they said truly made me think it’s going to be okay, so just thanks,” she said.

Rondel said she hasn’t heard from Teigen or Cravings.

And neither has Newshub. Our messages to the celebrity and company went unanswered.

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