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The Sun has reported that Queen Elizabeth’s cousin will participate in the show, in which celebrities try odd therapies and peculiar health trends. A source said: “She had no airs and graces and threw herself into all the different therapies, which included some stars having to down their own wee.” 

Princess Olga Romanoff is a Russian royal who is the youngest child of Prince Andrei Alexandrovich and is a decedent of the House of Romanov.

She is related to Nicholas II, the last Emperor of Russia, who was the first cousin of Queen Elizabeth’s grandfather, King George V.

The Russian Princess is also related to Prince Phillip through the Greek Royal Family.

It was reported Princess Olga was once considered a possible match for her third cousin, King Charles III, but she said the monarch had made a “narrow escape”.

While talking to Alan Titchmarsh on Love Your Weekend, Princess Olga said she would have made a “terrible, terrible wife” to King Charles.

The Princess has participated in reality television on more than one occasion, as she took part in the show Australian Princess in 2005, in which ordinary Australian women were trained by experts to become noblewomen.

She also starred in the show Keeping up with the Aristocrats which broadcasted this year, the Guardian described it in their review as “ludicrous as a real-life Downton Abbey”.

The latest reality show had not had a set release date confirmed by E4, but other celebrities who will participate are Martin Lewis, the presenter of Homes Under The Hammer, and Chloe Veitch from Too Hot To Handle.

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He said: “It is sinking in now that I am taking part. I am ready to rumble! I have been asked on numerous occasions to take part.

“The timing was right this year and Hask (James Haskell ) did the show and he had been talking about it.”

The former rugby player added “first and foremost” he will miss his family, as he has three children with Zara Tindall.

He added: “I will miss my bed too and a nice breakfast. I don’t think I am too bothered about sleeping in a hammock but it will be interesting as I wouldn’t say I am someone who falls asleep anywhere.

“But I have slept in a hammock before and it is something your body will get used to in time.”

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