Why She-Hulk Should Join the Official Avengers


Marvel fans have been guessing at the new Avengers roster ever since Avengers: Endgame irreparably separated the old team. Now that season one of She-Hulk Attorney at Law has wrapped up, everyone online is speculating about She-Hulk’s future and what it means for the MCU. Even other notable writers and actors have commented on the possibility. With a steady stream of heroes coming out of the woodwork of Disney+’s streaming shows, new superheroes have stiff competition for a top spot on the team.

She Hulk Attorney at Law introduces Jennifer Walters as the lawyer cousin of Bruce Banner (The Hulk). In a car crash, Bruce bleeds onto Jennifer’s open wound, and his super DNA mixes with hers. The series follows Jen as she tries to balance her new superpowers with her old lawyer life. Regardless of how you feel about her TV show, here are some reasons for She Hulk to join the Avengers.


She-Hulk Powers

Starting with the series premiere and opening episodes of She-Hulk, the writers made it clear that she was not just a copy of Hulk or Bruce Banner. Jennifer Walter’s high-stress job gives her a lifetime of practice controlling her emotions. She adjusted to her Hulk form easily and in a fraction of the time it took Bruce Banner.

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In the comic books, Hulk may be the strongest, but in She-Hulk Attorney at Law, She-Hulk beats Hulk in a series of events. It is still unclear if She-Hulk is actually stronger than Hulk in the new canon of the MCU, but she has at least proven to be his equal. Jennifer’s Hulk form also seems to have healing properties. Her blood healed Bruce’s arm after the two cousins crashed their car. Jennifer Walters has proved time and again that she is just as strong as any other Avenger, and she has yet to tap into her full potential neither as a hulk nor as a lawyer.

Representation in the MCU

She-Hulk is one of the first female heroes in the MCU to get so much screen time. Jennifer Walters isn’t the usual supermodel with superpowers, but struggles with the same kinds of problems that everyone does. Jennifer questions her purpose, her identity, and her contributions to society. Her story highlights the difficulties women face entering into jobs traditionally dominated by men.

Not only does she represent women, but she’s also an all-around relatable character. Almost everyone can relate to struggles with problems like dating, work-life balance, and other external pressure. She-Hulk doesn’t just represent women, but she also represents the proverbial ‘average person.’

The Avengers are known for saving the world, but they have also caused their fair share of death and destruction. A trail of property damage and collapsing buildings seem to follow every superhero — not to mention the political schisms that occurred in Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man: No Way Home, and almost every other Marvel movie. These real-world problems add serious conflicts for our heroes, and slow them down on their way to saving the day.

As Jennifer Walters grows into her new powers and finds a new work-life balance, her legal expertise could become a powerful asset. Her knowledge could solve many legal problems and prevent them. Not to mention that her real-life scenarios add an element of realism to the films. If superheroes were really running around the world, there would need to be some serious policy and contract changes. We know that the Avengers can take on alien armies, but can they settle a civil dispute? She-Hulk may be the missing link.

She-Hulk Supporting Characters

In just one season, She-Hulk Attorney at Law has assembled an impressive list of contacts. Her familial connections are just the tip of the iceberg. Jennifer Walters has met with all kinds of diverse characters both new and old. She has represented villains from Hulk’s past, worked with the Sorcerer Supreme, and even Daredevil. Besides which, Jennifer’s own lovable friends bring extra layers of enjoyment to the franchise.

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Additionally, Jennifer Walter’s approachable persona enables her to connect with other heroes and villains across the board. She could play an important role in helping glue a new and evolving team together. Her knowledge gained by representing super villains also gives her unique insight into the villains that the Avengers face off against.

What About the She-Hulk Finale?

One major problem with She-Hulk joining the Avengers would be a bit more conceptual than literal. In She-Hulk Attorney at Law, Jennifer Walters essentially smashes the fourth wall and becomes aware that she and everyone else is a character created by Marvel, dictated by some ‘Kevin Feige bot’ computer algorithm named after Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios.

That being said, how exactly is such a meta, self-aware character expected to participate with other characters she knows are property of Marvel Studios? How could she even continue to live her life, knowing that this whole MCU reality is a complete fiction? It seems as if the finale of She-Hulk would lead to a total existential crisis for any relatable human being who experienced what Jennifer Walters did, confronting her creator (a lame robot). Bringing She-Hulk into the Avengers would either have to erase some canon and retcon the events of She-Hulk Attorney at Law, or commit the MCU to meta weirdness so long as She-Hulk is involved. Then again, that may not be a bad idea.

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