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Fashion Designer Sima Azadegan of Sima Collezione

Fashion Designer Sima Azadegan of Sima Collezione

Fashion Designer Sima Azadegan wearing Sima Collezione in Paris

Fashion Designer Sima Azadegan wearing Sima Collezione in Paris

Sima Collezione, Red Dress in Paris

Sima Collezione, Red Dress in Paris

Fashion Designer Sima Azadegan will educate a number of young designers, teaching them how she made it to the top of her field.

The very creation of each dress of Sima Collezione was a ritual creation of spirit; a transcendence of the flesh, and a oneness with spirit for the artist.”

— Hollywood Sentinel

MALIBU, CA, US, October 19, 2022 / — Fashion Designer Sima Azadegan is also a teacher at heart. She taught classical piano to students for years, after mastering the instrument herself as a child and young adult. Having decided to now help mentor several aspiring designers, Sima feels right at home in that decision. “I am here to give back,” she says. “It’s the right thing to do.”

As many in the fashion world already know, Sima was hosted by the iconic American Cathedral in Paris for Paris City Fashion Week 2022 just last month. She returned with her brand, Sima Collezione, and the crowd went wild. A rising star of the fashion world, Beverly Hills own Sima Azadegan showcased her fashion line of exquisite, hand-made dresses.

On the road to elevating herself to the top in the world of fashion, Sima hired expert fashion help from Haus of Gaga, worked with European fashion branding experts from Milan, and assembled a team of seamstresses experienced in the fine craftsmanship of couture. She uses the finest silks and classic tailoring. Every dress has its own unique story. Sima has also created bespoke perfumes to pair with every individual dress.

A History of Giving

Prior to taking the fashion world by storm, Sima worked on the boards of several charities focused on the empowerment of women and medical needs of children. She helped raise millions of dollars to help the less fortunate, and today her brand continues the giving spirit with a portion of each dress that will be sold going to her brand’s charity. The dresses themselves came to her as what she calls downloads from the universe, only after a decades-long journey of inner consciousness.

Along that journey, Sima states, “I would travel back and forth, working for Hadassah Hospital Neuromuscular Disease Foundation. I also became a counselor, where I would travel and teach Jewish spirituality to women all around Israel. And I worked very hard with Children’s Hospital. I loved them dearly at Children’s International. And I also worked with another organization called Beyond Vision, which helps children who cannot see. It teaches them through music. Through their love of music. To really see the world in a different way.”

Sima Collezione: Art Couture

Founded by Sima Azadegan during the Covid shutdown and launched on the runways of New York, Paris, Milan, and Abu Dhabi a year later, the dresses of Sima Collezion are exceedingly rare. To qualify for the “haute couture” label, a fashion house must have a physical location in a certain area of Paris and create a certain number of dresses. Sima Collezione is essentially “art couture,” as many of the dresses are made exactly once, and the number of different dresses produced is very small. As of October 2022, there are currently fewer than a dozen Sima Collezione dresses available globally for purchase. The materials used to adorn Sima’s gowns are also produced in limited quantity, such as Swarovski crystal. The very creation of each dress of Sima Collezione was a ritual creation of spirit; a transcendence of the flesh, and a oneness with spirit for the artist.

Of her fashion label, Sima states, “I feel we need to get light out into the universe. We need peace. These dresses reflect that and are imbued with meditative energies of peace and transcendence.” Her story is essentially, the story of each dress itself, with each one a communication to the woman wearing it beyond any ordinary piece of clothing. Sima explains, “It’s about my mission. Or it else these dresses would not have downloaded to me. So I have a mission. I have a purpose. I have a higher mission to do. And that is to help other ladies bring out their inner light. Now why do I say inner light, why do I say inner beauty? Because I think with this world, all of us would just be suffocated by the superficialities of the outside world if we didn’t find our inner light.”

Sima Collezione: Artifacts of Fashion

As explained by one spiritual scholar, “Just as some religious artifacts may be used to signify entry into a particular sacred space or point in time, so too is each dress of Sima Collezione created. Each of Sima’s dresses hold that same transcendental connection, essentially freezing each spiritual awakening the artist experienced, into the life and existence of each dress itself. As a result, each dress worn serves as an artifact for the wearer, and the wearer in turn becomes an extension of the ritual started with the artist. With the right woman who wears each artifact–each dress; that circle of light is complete, as she embodies the ritual of light in walking form.”

Young Designers for Mentorship

Young designers interested in being considered to be mentored by the fashion designer do not have to be, but may currently be a student in fashion school. They should also have a basic understanding of pattern and an ability to sew. Those qualified may contact the designer through her site directly, or her publicist, below.

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Sima Collezione Fashion Show at Paris Fashion Week, Galerie Bourbon, 2022

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