Laurie Strode Over the Years


Warning: This article contains spoilers for Halloween Ends.

John Carpenter set the stage in 1978 for what would become one of the most iconic movies of all time, and by his side was Jamie Lee Curtis. Halloween had a budget of $325,000 and, according to IMDb trivia, all the actors had to wear their own clothing because costume design wasn’t in the budget. The film grossed over $47 million at the box office, and later went on to become one of the most successful independent films ever made. Halloween catapulted Carpenter’s already affluent career, and put Curtis on the map as a reputable scream queen.

Curtis reprised her role in three sequels within the franchise, but was killed off by Michael in Halloween: Resurrection. David Gordon Green’s decision to later ignore all the sequels to the 1978 film, allowed for Curtis’ return and to create a trilogy centrally focused on the hearts of the franchise. Many fans believe that Halloween Ends won’t be the last time that we see Michael Myers on the big screen, however it is confirmed that Laurie Strode will find peace at last. The evolution of this beloved final girl has seen many story lines throughout the franchise’s sequels, and Curtis has been the anchor of it all. Here’s a look at Curtis as Strode over the years.


Halloween’s Past

Many consider The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s Sally Hardesty (portrayed by Marilyn Burns) as one of the first examples of a final girl in horror. However, four years after Tobe Hooper’s film, Carpenter introduced Curtis as Laurie Strode, who would go on to be one horror’s best final girls. On Halloween night in 1978, Laurie came face to face with Michael Myers (portrayed by Nick Castles) whose grip on Haddonfield would be felt for decades to come. Despite which Halloween timeline you follow, whether it be David Gordon Green’s more recent trilogy or the first eight films, Laurie and Michael are the heart of it all, which is why it was so important for their final battle to be monumental. Whether you believe Halloween Ends was an utter disapointment, or a great finale for Laurie’s story, it is hard to deny the impact the character had on the franchise as a whole.

If you take the original Halloween sequels into account, Laurie faces Michael for a second round at a hospital, where it is revealed that the two are actually brother and sister. This theory, in retrospect, took a lot away from the overall dread that Myers had a purpose in choosing her as a victim rather than it being for no reason at all — which, to many, is a much scarier concept. The fourth installment to the franchise, Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers focuses on Laurie’s alleged daughter Jamie (portrayed by Danielle Harris) after it is revealed that Laurie died in a car accident. Both the fifth and sixth sequels carry out this storyline, until Halloween H20, which scraps the subsequent films and acts as a direct sequel to 1981’s Halloween II. Laurie is alive and as well as she can be, having been in hiding from her brother for the last 20 years. The two have a final showdown, which leaves Michael decapitated, but of course comes back to finish Laurie off in Halloween: Resurrection.

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Trauma Re-imagined

Horror conglomerate Blumhouse acquired the rights to the Halloween franchise and released Halloween 2018, which was set to be a direct sequel to the 1978 film. Unlike H20’s attempt at bringing back Laurie as a witness protection survivor, Green decided to focus on the fact that she was a trauma survivor. With this being said, completely disregarding the plot that they were siblings benefited the reboot immensely. Especially considering that Michael just happened onto Laurie’s home, and wasn’t out to get her specifically in Halloween 2018. Yet, Green’s version of Laurie showcases her as a survivor with both grief and trauma that she can never fully cope with. Halloween Ends features less of Michael than fans would have liked to see. The plot tends to focus on the notion that evil can exist inside anyone, even if they aren’t behind Myers’ infamous mask. Laurie and Michael face off one final time, where she defeats him once and for all. Yet, it seems as though the door is left open for the franchise after the final scene revealed Michael’s mask sitting unsupervised on Laurie’s coffee table. Despite the consensus of why Halloween Ends was good or bad, it is important to note that Laurie Strode is finally at peace, and Jamie Lee Curtis was able to service the character for one final fight.

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