Original Daredevil Showrunners Comment on Disney+ Revival


Following the report that a Daredevil series is now in development at Disney+, the original showrunners of the hit Netflix series based on the characters took to social media to voice their opinions on the news.

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Erik Olsen, who was the showrunner for Daredevil‘s third and final season of the Netflix series, took to Twitter to celebrate the news, saying that he was “thrilled” to hear that the series would be returning before praising the cast and fanbase as some of the best ever.

In other tweets, Steven DeKnight — who was the showrunner on the first season of the Netflix series — brushed aside any thoughts of him being bitter or angry about the series returning. “As a lifelong fan of the character, I hope it’s even BETTER than what we did on Netflix. Lord knows they’ll have a much, much larger budget,” DeKnight said in a tweet to a fan.

In another tweet from a fan saying they were worried about the direction the series might head in, DeKnight said that he looks forward to the next chapter of the character and wishes everyone involved the best. He also quickly denied any association with the project, telling a fan that he’s “unavailable for the next few years due to other commitments.”

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News of an official Daredevil series at Disney+ comes following actor Charlie Cox’s re-appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in last year’s Spider-Man: No Way Home. Other Daredevil alums, including Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin, have also already popped up in other Disney+ projects such as Hawkeye. It’s currently unclear who else might return for a Daredevil series, however.

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