‘We Just Started the Second’ Death Stranding


After saying it was in “negotiations” in August 2021, it appears as though Kojima Productions is going forward with another Death Stranding, according to actor Norman Reedus.

In an interview with Leo Edit, when prompted about his career and Death Stranding, Reedus, who starred as Sam “Porter” Bridges in the first entry, simply said they “just started the second one,” which is something reiterated in his next quote. He didn’t elaborate before he started speaking about how he linked up with Hideo Kojima through Guillermo del Toro and the bizarre implications of having a digital recreation of yourself. However, he did speak to the cameras Kojima Productions used, but it wasn’t clear if he was talking about the unconfirmed sequel or the original.

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“They have that new 5g camera too, where you can just be in a green room, and as it turns left, it builds cities,” said Reedus. “And as it looks up, it builds a sky. And you put that into a computer with dialogue. I asked Hideo, ‘Do you ever need a camera crew or an actor ever again?’ And he was like, ‘No, you’ll never capture the soul of a person. You will always need an actor.’ And I was like, ‘Thank God you’re telling me this. I thought I was gonna be out of a job.’”

Kojima Productions is still shrouded in mystery because the studio hasn’t revealed what it is working on. It was reported in July 2021 that Kojima inked a deal with Microsoft and there are also rumors that the developer is creating one of the few Silent Hill games that are allegedly in production. And with three unconfirmed games (and a new multimedia studio), only time can tell what the team is actually developing.

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