Global National: May 19, 2022 | What Alberta's Jason Kenney resignation means for federal politics


After his bombshell announcement to step down as leader of Alberta’s United Conservative Party, questions are swirling over what’s next for Jason Kenney’s political future. Tom Vernon looks at why Kenney is keeping his job until he’s replaced, as critics within the party are pressuring him to be pushed out faster.

He may be planning to quit as leader of Alberta’s governing party, but Kenney’s decision also holds widespreading political implications on the federal level. David Akin explains what Kenney’s performance and departure mean for Ottawa’s Conservatives and their support, especially amid their own federal leadership race.

Also, amid long-standing concerns over potential threats to Canada’s national security, the federal government has officially banned Chinese tech company Huawei from operating within the country’s 5G network. Mercedes Stephenson has more on why the decision took this long, in a bid to protect Canada’s infrastructure from Chinese influence.

In Ukraine, for months, photos on social media have sparked international intrigue, showing destroyed Russian military vehicles spray-painted with the world “Wolverines.” It’s the calling card of a secretive group of foreign volunteers, who are training Ukraine’s civilians to fight Russian forces. With exclusive access to the group, Jeff Semple reports on their operations, the Canadian veterans among them, and the classic Cold War-era movie behind their namesake.

More countries around the world, including Canada, are now reporting numerous potential cases of monkeypox. Cases of the rare virus are usually confined to Africa, and researchers are now trying to figure out how widespread the virus is. Jamie Maraucher explains how the virus affects people, and how it might have travelled to Canada.

Plus, data obtained by Global News shows that between 2018 and 2021, five U.S. states were the top sources of crime guns in Ontario; Ohio, Texas, Florida, Georgia and Michigan. Tracy Tong traces the path of a single firearm used in two killings, to show how factors like U.S. gun shows, straw purchasing, and soaring black market prices for guns continue to contribute to violence across the border.

And marking the last leg of their three-day tour of Canada, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla travelled to the Northwest Territories, where reconciliation and climate change have taken centre stage. Heather Yourex-West reports on how the royals have spent time meeting with Indigenous leaders, and what communities there hope they learn from their visit.

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