BLEEDING THROUGH Gets Aggressive With First New Single In Four Years “Rage”


Bleeding Through is back for the first time in four years with a brand new single called “Rage.” The single features everything from chunky riffs and a very prominent organ line, to and plenty of driving melodies and generally fist-pumping aggression. So basically everything you could possibly want from a brand new Bleeding Through single.

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“Screaming into a microphone and playing music with my friends after 20 plus years and after a pandemic seemed like an impossibility. Low and behold here we are creating music again,” said vocalist Brandan Schieppati.

“Personally the last few years has been a total mental battle. This music is my weapon against doubt and depression. The song ‘RAGE’ was created with the anger and frustration built up over the last few years. This song is us joining the fight to have music heal a struggling world. ‘RAGE’ is the sound of 20 plus years as a band and years of built up aggression. No bullshit. Straight up Bleeding Through.”

Stream “Rage” here.

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