2 Macross Frontier Movies Receiving U.S. Screenings


Fathom Events announced this week that it will screen Macross Frontier: The False Songstress and Macross Frontier: The Wings of Farewell in the United States beginning next month.

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Macross Frontier: The False Songstress will land stateside first, with screenings beginning on June 16, 2022. Following that, Macross Frontier: The Wings of Farewell will begin screening on June 30, 2022. Both films will screen with English subtitles, with tickets available by visiting the Fathom Events website.

“The Macross Frontier fleet is on its way towards the center of the galaxy when it encounters a hostile alien species known as the Vajra,” reads the official synopsis for Macross Frontier: The False Songstress. “A concert by touring popstar Sheryl Nome becomes ground zero of an attack where both flight school trainee Alto Saotome and aspiring singer Ranka Lee are caught up in the chaos.”

“In the aftermath of the events of The False Songstress, Sheryl Nome remains aboard the Macross Frontier as her health begins to rapidly deteriorate,” reads the synopsis for Macross Frontier: The Wings of Farewell. “Meanwhile, Ranka Lee has become a singing sensation in her own right, and prepares for her debut concert just as a joint military operation to hunt down the Vajra Queen gets underway.”

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The Macross Frontier anime series originally premiered in April 2008, and ran for 25 episodes before coming to a close. The anime and films are all based on the original manga by Aoki Hayato, and focus on the story of a human space colony fleet trying to find a habitable planet near the center of the Milky Way.

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