People Are Sharing Their Most Memorable Celeb Encounters, And Some Are Too Cute



“I have met Kacey Musgraves twice at a meet and greet. She was cold both times. The second time was for her second album release, and she told everyone she wasn’t signing anything. When it was my turn to meet with her, I told her I had flown all the way there with a vinyl to have her sign it (that was mainly why I paid for the meet and greet; I didn’t care for the picture). She looked at me annoyed and told me, ‘Fine, stand to the side.’ She signed it, but was rude about it. I don’t agree with how some of these artists treat meet and greets. Asking fans to pay large amounts of money, [they] should give the fan a photo and an opportunity to get at least one thing signed. I would never pay for another experience like that because of my interaction with her.”

“I even met Tori Kelly at one of her concerts, and though she was nice, the fact that they won’t even take a second to sign something is ridiculous. I feel like they are robbing people from experiences they would hope to have.”


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