Dragonforce played the Baltimore Soundstage on April 7 and for just a moment completely abandon their usual power metal. The band launched into a cover of “Randy Lynn Rag” by Flatt & Scruggs with guitarist Sam Totman on banjo alongside guest guitarists Kojo Kamya of Master Sword and the legendary Paul Reed Smith of PRS Guitars. Everything about the performance was impressive, especially Totman‘s banjo shred – who knew?

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Dragonforce is currently working on the follow-up to their 2019 album Extreme Power Metal. Li said in a recent interview that the band has a lot of music written for the album but hasn’t recorded any yet. Li also notes Dragonforce is looking for a new label.

“We’ve got a lot of music written. We haven’t recorded it. So we’re actually gonna look for a new record deal at the moment to do it,” said Li.

“We don’t do music for money, so we only release stuff when we want to and it sounds good. We’re not on a hamster wheel: ‘You’ve gotta release an album every two years.’ It’s hard to be creative when you just force yourself to make good music, and every artist knows.

“We don’t just make music now; we’re content creators at the same time. We have a pause on YouTube at the moment, but we were posting every week before that. So if you want something — an art form; I don’t know if you can call YouTube ‘art form’ — if you want something from us, there’s always something coming from Dragonforce, even if it’s not new music.”

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Dragonforce‘s new album will be their first with new bassist Alicia Vigil. Vigil replaced longtime bassist Frédéric Leclercq, who left Dragonforce in 2019 to join Kreator.

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