AVENGED SEVENFOLD Provided Bulletproof Vests For Ukrainians


Avenged Sevenfold recently began selling shirts to help benefit Ukrainians as they continue to suffer a relentless siege by the Russian government. The band has since raised enough money to send the Ukrainian people bulletproof vests embroidered with what looks like the band’s logo, according to vocalist M. Shadows‘ Twitter.

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“This is real life. Thank you to the @TheOfficialA7X @DeathbatsClub community for supporting this cause. Our T – Shirt donation bought many bullet proof vests for the Ukrainian people to save lives. Sent directly to the people using @ethereum Thank you @crypto_vandals”

Shadows also mentioned the band had previously donated money to Monstrov to help with medical and humanitarian needs as well.

“The funds have so far helped w multiple forms of needed tactical gear as well as a significant donation to http://monstrov.org who provides medical care, assistance to hospitals and humanitarian aid in Ukraine in real time. The more we collect the more we can help together!”

In a recent interview, Shadow laid out Avenged Sevenfold‘s plans so far to get their new record done. Shadows said Avenged Sevenfold plans to get back to work on it in May, get it mixed in August by Andy Wallace (Slayer, Sepultura, Faith No More), and out either late 2022 or early 2023.

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“Status is interesting. We recorded an album, you know, a few years ago. We haven’t finished it yet. We kind of took some time off for family, COVID, weird touring circumstances, some changes within our team… And we are still currently with one record left on Warner Brothers Records. We’ll be finishing that record up – I think we have May locked out [for when] our producer can get back to work on it, and then we’re going to mix with Andy Wallace in August.

“And then we’re going to figure out if it’s the first quarter, or fourth quarter, or what we’re going to do. So, the status is that, and then we’re going to be booking tours, put the tickets on sale when the record comes out, and the whole nine yards.”

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