TED NUGENT Is Predictably Not Happy With NEIL YOUNG Over The Spotify Situation


Conservative rocker Ted Nugent is predictably not happy with Neil Young. This of course is in reference to Young telling Spotify either they pull The Joe Rogan Podcast off their platform after Young accused Rogan of “spreading fake information about vaccines — potentially causing death to those who believe this disinformation spread by them,” or lose Young‘s music. Considering Spotify paid Rogan somewhere in the realm of $100 million for the exclusive rights to the podcast in 2020, you can guess who stayed. Spotify finally addressed the issue earlier this week and Rogan issued a statement about the controversy.

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Now in an interview with Kristi Leigh, Nugent accuses Young of having his brains fried by drugs. Nugent also cites Young‘s 1989 single ‘Rockin’ In The Free World” as standing in stark opposition to censorship. The song is about Young‘s planned tour of the Soviet Union being cancelled and guitarist Frank “Poncho” Sampedro making a comment to Young that the band would just have to “keep rockin’ in the free world.” Nugent also references the recent Canadian truckers strike protesting COVID mandates that blocked the US-Canadian border.

“Number one, he’s a Canadian so he started at the back of the shitkicker line. And I love my Canadian friends. Look what they’re doing right now, the truckers in Canada. That’s the human instinct. That’s the defiant middle-finger celebration of autonomy and good over evil. So Canadians are great people. But some of them, like Americans and everybody else in the world got so stoned that their brains got burnt.

“Have Ozzy form a sentence for ya. And I love the man. But comfortably numb is uncomfortably dumb. And Neil Young is the poster child for that. I mean, [he sings] ‘Rockin’ In The Free World’ but he wants to censor people? Hey, Neil, choose one. You can’t do both, you dirtbag. He’s just a sad… And I hope he’s healthy and happy, but I think his brain is so burnt, he doesn’t know what happy is anymore. If he is ‘rockin’ in the free world,’ then he wants to censor somebody who’s bringing information from world-renowned virologists and epidemiologists and calling that misinformation, but he’s gonna quote Joe Biden as the decree of… Are you kidding me?

“When you do that much mind-destroying chemicals upon yourself, your brain is burnt and you struggle to find logic, truth and common sense. Neil Young has no common sense. He’s out of his mind. And all you can do is pray for him and ignore his stupidity. That’s what I do.”

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Is anyone really surprised by Nugent‘s stance?

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