Likely New Tanks for Holiday Ops 2022 | World of Tanks


In this video I narrow down the most likely tanks for Holiday Ops 2022. I also give a quick rundown of the likely Holiday Ops 2022 tanks. Note, this is all guesswork and my opinion and in no ways guaranteed. In the video you’ll see the M-IV-Y, Tornvagn, Caliban, WZ-113-II, K-91-2, Object 752, Cobra, Udes 03 3, Lorraine 50T, Object 590, M4-85, KV-1Sh, VK 65.01 H, T3 Convert, Ke-Ni Otsu.

To see and view all of these tanks yourself, hop over to and select the most recent client from the drop down.

Holiday Ops 2022 Teaser:

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01:10 M-IV-Y
03:20 Tornvagn
04:30 Caliban
06:10 WZ-113-II
07:10 K-91-2
07:40 Object 752
09:55 Cobra
11:08 Udes 03 3
11:36 Lorraine 50 t
12:08 Object 590
13:20 M4-85
14:04 KV-1Sh
14:40 VK 65.01 H
15:25 T3 Convert
16:10 Ke-Ni Otsu



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