DJ Mustard Sustains Minor Injuries After Drunk Driver Crashes Into His Car


DJ Mustard is thanking God after walking away from a car accident with very minor injuries. The producer recounted a terrifying incident that happened to him over the weekend. DJ Mustard showed photos of his totaled vehicle and shared his experience on his Instagram Story.

“Last night a drunk driver hit me and another car on the freeway slammed my car into the wall all the airbags came out totaled my truck,” he wrote.

Crash Photos 

The photos DJ Mustard shared show the front end of his black car, which appears to be a Cadillac Escalade. The car’s bumper is hanging off. There’s severe denting to the frame and deep scratches to the paint. The headlights are destroyed and the car is covered in dust. But as bad as his car looks, DJ Mustard said he was able to walk away just fine.

“Sh*t felt like a movie smh I was able to walk away with minor bruises no major injuries thank you God,” he wrote.

After praising the Lord for his safety, Mustard also explained what he did lose in the accident.

“On top of that my trek bike was in the back my sh*t was broke,” he wrote. “I was more mad about that than my car man.”

Moving Forward 

The music industry vet didn’t clarify whether insurance would be covering the damage costs to his car. Bikes also tend to be pricey, customized fitness tools. A replacement could take some time. As you might’ve noted, DJ Mustard has seemingly taken his fitness journey seriously with steady weight loss.

One of the previous times DJ Mustard has been on the news was for his viral studio rules in September 2021. A circulating photo of the paper-printed rules shows no room to be lawless in Mustard’s space.

“Be happy to even breathe the same air as a Grammy award-winning, 100 million record selling n**** like me,” rule number five said.

Additionally, Mustard created rules based on looks, good energy and vibes, work ethic and how to approach him.

Let’s send the famed talent some healing energy during this time!

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