Shanae Continues to Stir the Pot (RECAP)


You can get rid of one villain, but another will emerge! After Cassidy’s schemes sent her packing last week, Shanae continued her reign as this season’s biggest villain in tonight’s Episode 4 of The Bachelor.

As the drama between Shanae and Elizabeth tears apart the house, Clayton makes a shocking decision heading into the new week in Houston, Texas.

Of course, there are more guest appearances on the dates, as NFL stars Jonathan Greenard and Kamu Grugier-Hill stop by to coach the ladies in a lesson on football, while the band Restless Road helps set the mood with a performance on Clayton’s rustic one-on-one.

Let’s see who is sent home this week as we dive into Week 4!

Clayton confronts Elizabeth and Shanae

Following last week’s group date, Clayton told the ladies he will address the Elizabeth/Shanae situation before the next night’s rose ceremony. After all, the situation hurts everyone in the house, from the two of them to Clayton to the others not getting enough time with the Bachelor.

Before the party starts, Clayton pulls both women aside. Elizabeth jokes that Shanae’s mind seems like a “scary place,” and we couldn’t agree more. She played Clayton like a fiddle last week, and she continues to have him wrapped around her finger.

Shanae throws the usual terms of “toxic” and “fake” around before last week’s “shrimp-gate” takes over the conversation. We feel for Clayton, sitting in between the two with a clueless look on his face. “We’re not resolving conflict. We’re talking about shrimp,” he says in a confessional. After Clayton leaves, Elizabeth removes herself from the situation, but not before Shanae can throw in a quick fat joke (we can’t deny Shanae’s comment that Elizabeth’s ensemble resembles Cruella de Vil, though).

“Shrimp-gate” cuts the cocktail party short

Shanae plays up “shrimp-gate” around the other ladies, clearly wanting to evoke a reaction, and she gets exactly what she wants. Genevieve pushes at the villain’s buttons, questioning her side of the story. “Don’t point your finger at me,” she yells at Shanae. Who knew shrimp could cause so much chaos?

Host Jesse Palmer breaks the tension by delivering some unfortunate news, as Clayton decides to cancel the cocktail party and go straight into the rose ceremony. “I feel like my ass is getting sent home over shrimp,” says Jill. Poor Elizabeth feels terrible about being the reason why deserving women didn’t get their chance with Clayton that night. Every cocktail party this season has been ruined by pointless drama, but we’d expect nothing less from The Bachelor. The smart move for Clayton would be to send both Elizabeth and Shanae home (though only one deserves it).

Undeservingly, the last rose of the night went to Shanae, meaning Elizabeth, Melina, and Kira are sent packing. Needless to say, the rest of the house is ticked off. Sometimes the house drama is more engrossing to watch than Clayton’s journey, so Shanae sticking around will be nothing short of interesting!

Rachel and Clayton grow stronger

After a damper of a night, Jesse surprises the women with the news of their worldwide trip, the first (domestic) stop being Houston, Texas. Everything is bigger and better in Texas, so Clayton better be ready for what’s to come.

Surprising Clayton in Houston is his good friend Clarence, who is married with kids. Clayton wants to follow in his example, confessing to him that he thinks he’ll get down on one knee at the end of this. Hopefully, the new city will be the fresh start everyone is looking for.

Securing the week’s one-on-one date is Rachel. This far into the season, it’s clear which connections are stronger than others, leaving many women nervous that Clayton and Rachel will only grow stronger from this.

Clayton surprises Rachel with a simple, yet romantic horseback riding date through the scenic Houston countryside. Taking a bite of Texas culture, they help a few locals cook up some delicious barbecue at a totally unstaged outdoor picnic. Rachel tells them about wanting a big family, something she shares in common with Clayton. The family picnic gives Clayton a sense of what his future could be with her (even though he doesn’t know her last name). Their chemistry is strong, as evidenced by their PDA on the boardwalk. The other ladies were right to be scared.

They continue their date with a candlelit dinner at a gorgeous, rustic barn. Clayton turns on the charm, asking how a woman like her isn’t already taken. She tells him about living her childhood dream of being a pilot and how her ex was never supportive of her and her dreams. She wants to be a mother and start a family while not giving up her passion for flying (preach, girl). He tells her exactly what she hopes to hear, promising to never hold her back. As if the night couldn’t go any better, they end it with a special performance from Restless Road and a rose.

Let “The Bachelor Bowl” commence!

The women of this week’s group date are over Shanae’s BS, agreeing to tell Clayton about her if something bad happens on the group date. Overhearing their conversation, Shanae makes it clear she’s not going anywhere. “These b*****s are not sending me home,” she says.

Given Clayton’s brief stint in the NFL, it’s no surprise that one of this season’s group dates would be football-related. At their football tailgate, the contestants are surprised by Houston Texans players Jonathan Greenard and Kamu Grugier-Hill who announce they will compete in a game of tackle football, with the winners attending that night’s afterparty.

Looking like a bunch of peewee football players, the women storm the field to play for time with Clayton. Former Olympian Marlena is particularly excited, terrifying some with her skills. And like that, “The Bachelor Bowl” begins!

As an ESPN commentator himself, Jesse and Hannah Storm (who returns to the Bachelor franchise after commentating on The Bachelor Winter Games) provide color commentary on the game, making quick quips about the women’s hilarious and occasionally strong efforts. With tensions high, the aggression comes out in full force, as Sierra takes her shot at Shanae, tackling her to the ground (in the name of friendly competition, of course). The Purple Punishers emerge victoriously, sending the Shrimp Stampede players back to the hotel.

Shanae “tackles” her competition

Now that they’ve officially earned some extra facetime with Clayton, the group date winners are relieved — and happy to have a night free of Shanae. Still, Sierra uses her time with Clayton to expose Shanae’s evil-doings, straight up telling him the house troublemaker isn’t wife material. Genevieve relays the same messages, upsetting Clayton that the drama isn’t over. Now that Sierra and Genevieve have targets on their backs, Shanae quits her sulking and gets dolled up to crash the afterparty. “Sha-nay-ay” isn’t here to play! “These women better watch out,” she warns.

Clayton is shocked by her arrival, and Sarah relays the news to the rest of the group. All they can hope is that Clayton will finally realize the truth. He questions Shanae about what he’s heard, confused as to why the issue hasn’t been resolved. She turns it around on the group, telling Clayton about their desire to send her home, name-dropping Sierra in particular. Hopefully, Sierra won’t fall victim to the same fate as Elizabeth…

Poor Clayton wants to see the best in everyone, but in doing so, he can’t see through her lies. Completing her mission, she goes to confront the others, telling Sierra and Genevieve to “keep my name out of your f*****g mouths” before throwing their Bachelor Bowl trophy across the yard.

The preview for next week’s episode teases a two-on-one date with Shanae and Genevieve, and only one will emerge with a rose. We can’t wait to see what happens!

The Bachelor, Mondays, 8/7c, ABC

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