ASKING ALEXANDRIA’s Guitarist Feels The Journey Of The Album Format “Has Become Slightly Less Important” In The Digital Age


Asking Alexandria released their new album See What’s On The Inside last October after only dropping one single. Then the band returned this January with a second single called “Never Gonna Learn” as its own standalone EP, featuring the album track “Never Gonna Learn” alongside three new songs.

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In an interview with WRIF (transcribed by Metal Injection), Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce talking about the reasoning behind doing an EP instead of just releasing a single and how difficult it can be to make albums interesting in the digital age.

“The way we released this album is so different to how everyone does things now. I think in the world we live in, the digital age we live in, the journey of the record has become slightly less important. It’s become more about releasing a single, letting it grow; releasing another single, letting it grow; releasing another single, letting it grow; and then dropping an album that has three already-big singles on it.

“We did it the opposite. We announced an album, put out ‘Alone Again,’ and then put the album out almost immediately afterwards. We’re very focused on the journey that the album takes you on. And so for us, it came time to do song number two – single number number two, sorry, which is obviously ‘Never Gonna Learn’ – and we were like ‘how can we keep the journey going? How can we make this interesting and fun and enjoyable for our fans?’ instead of just going online and going like ‘this is single number two’ and serving it to radio. We wanted to do something around it, to make it feel more like ‘oh, this is another chapter in this epic journey of this album cycle.’

“I think it’s worked out really well. I think it’s been really cool. It’s given fans something new to listen to. It’s re-ignited songs on the record that we’re really proud of. It’s a more interesting way of doing it.”

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Check out the full interview below, as well as the Never Gonna Learn EP.

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