911 Lone Star Recap: Season 3 Episode 4 — TK, Carlos Breakup Explained


Longest. Day. Ever. Monday’s episode of 9-1-1: Lone Star wrapped the Fox procedural’s four-part ice storm event (with a capital E!), serving up more than a few surprises for the members of the new 126.

Let’s start with T.K., who received some super helpful advice from his imaginary mother: “Stop dying.” (Gee, why didn’t he try that sooner?) So while T.K. continued to bake cookies and wrestle with his subconscious, things on the outside were only getting worse, like when Carlos overheard a pair of nurses whispering (loudly) about T.K.’s impending death being a “matter of when.” It was A+ bedside manner all around.

Speaking of bedside manner, Carlos’ angel of a mother encouraged him to sit by T.K.’s bed and tell him what he’s feeling, even if he’s still angry with T.K. for breaking his heart. In this moment, we finally found out what led to one of TV’s hottest couples breaking up, and it was… kind of disappointing? I’m not sure what I was expecting, but T.K. blowing up their relationship because Carlos made him a half-owner of their dream apartment despite his dicey credit didn’t feel like it merited all that secrecy. While he was busy wondering whether Carlos’ decision was a “power move” or a “sweet gesture,” I was over here like, “How about you just stop overthinking it and enjoy your beautiful new apartment?”

Fortunately, T.K. got to do just that when he awoke from his three-week slumber and immediately patched things up with Carlos. All it took was one “babe” and a reminder to breathe, and just like that, “Tarlos” is a thing once again. (And maybe I’m being greedy again, but was anyone else expecting all of this to end with a proposal? Here’s hoping we can celebrate Mr. and Mr. Tarlos by Season 4.)

Also worth discussing…

* Charlie Ryder, named in honor of Tommy’s late husband Charles, was born this week — but not without incident. After helping Grace relocate to an abandoned tour bus, Billy nearly killed himself siphoning gasoline from another vehicle in order to get the heater running. And thanks to Tommy and Owen’s well-timed arrival (with Judd to boot), Grace gave birth to a healthy baby girl. She even let Billy hold Charlie at the end of the episode, a sight I never thought I’d see. I guess she won’t be call him a weasel anymore.

* Sorry to bury the real lede here, but the 126 lives! A last-minute donation of $5 million to Marjan’s GoFundMe page from Cole Robertson (aka the father of the girl Paul rescued from that “ice palace” a few weeks ago) was enough to save the firehouse from demolition.

* Gwen showed up (for real this time) to the opening of the new firehouse, offering our first look at T.K.’s new half-brother, who gives little Charlie a run for her money in the cuteness department. (Don’t worry, Charlie still wins.)

Your thoughts on the final hour of 9-1-1: Lone Star‘s premiere event? Hopes for the rest of Season 3? Grade “The Ice Storm” below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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